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To book a consultation with one of our dedicated staff and to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please book a consultation meeting with us

Home Care Services


Live-in Home Care
  • Live-in or Sleep-over

  • Provide incontinent care including changing diapers, empty bedpan/catheter bag.

  • Assist with bathing/dressing, including bed bath or shower, shampoo, oral care, back rub and foot soaks.

  • Perform light-housekeeping, shopping and errands.

  • Do laundry and change bed linens.

  • Assist with exercise, walking, walker, cane.

  • Assist with client transfers, i.e., bed to wheelchair, commode, crutches.

  • Provide bedbound care turn and reposition.

  • Prepare/serve meals & assist feeding.

  • Assist or remind about medications.

  • Provides companionship and socialization.

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